About us

Our company is specialized in the production and trade of chemicals and raw materials of any kind, with a special focus on the sectors of restoration, chemical laboratories, crafts and small industry. Our product portfolio includes solvents and reagents in different qualities (from technical to high-purity analytical grade) and natural and synthetic raw materials (resins, waxes, pigments, etc.).

Furthermore, we are able to supply virtually every substance that exists in commerce. Our staff consists of chemists and professionals of various sectors. Our own trademark “ZEUS” covers most of the commonly used base chemicals.
We have our own laboratory, a central packing facility and warehouse and the shipping depot, where we keep the products ready for prompt shipping.

Thanks to an efficient organization, optimised processes and an own production or buying directly from the producers, we can offer to our customers an outstanding price/quality ratio. We are proud of the thousands shippings we deliver every year to all over Europe to the full satisfaction of our customers.