Exhaust gas control

Several compounds, many of them toxic, are formed during combustion processes. For some of these were fixed limit values in the exhaust gases.

In South Tyrol Provincial Law of 16 March 2000, no. 8 “Standards for the protection of air quality” defines the limit values according to the type of emitting source. The owners of installations subject to emissions control have to measure emissions on a regular basis (usually once a year).

Our technicians with their modern instruments are able to perform the measurements that are required by provincial law. Our measuring instruments are compliant with current legislation and are regularly calibrated by an independent third party.

We perform measuring on heating systems (gas, wood, oil), co-generators, smoking facilities, manufacturing plants, engines, turbines, etc.

Measurements made with regular intervals allow the conductor of the plant to identify any exceedances allowing for quick action to restore regular exercise conditions and thus avoid sanctions by the provincial administration.

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