Raw materials

(other products available on request):
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Oil of turpentine
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Beeswax yellow
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Beeswax white
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Powdered pumice
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Shellac in flakes dewaxed Garnet Rubin
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Shellac in flakes Gold Orange
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Shellac in flakes Honey
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Shellac in flakes Honey dewaxed
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Shellac in flakes Lemon dewaxed
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Shellac in flakes Lemon M/M
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Shellac in flakes Orange dewaxed
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Shellac in flakes Super Blond dewaxed
Carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC)
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Carnauba wax
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Gum Dammar
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Fish glue
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Gum Arabic
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Gum Copal Madagascar
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Gum Copal Manila
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Mastic from Chios
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Gum Sandarac
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Rabbit glue
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Skin glue
Neatsfoot oil
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Bone glue
Lanolin anhydrous EP
Linseed oil bleached and purified
Boiled linseed oil - stand oil
Microcrystalline wax Cosmoloid H80
Vaseline oil
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Paraloid B44
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Paraloid B66
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Paraloid B67
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Paraloid B72
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Paraloid B82
Polivinyl alcohol
Rice starch
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Shellac wax bleached
Tannin soluble in alcohol and water
Tannin water soluble
Venice turpentine
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Frankincense (olibanum)